A Tailored Approach to Sell-Side Representation

Selecting representation that understands your unique asset is complex. While there are many firms that can help sell your company, NEFCAP and our team of experienced advisors can successfully market and sell your business for maximum value.
As a boutique firm, we tailor solutions to fit the needs of your specific situation. Whether you’re ready to sell your business today, or three years down the road, our services prepare you and your business for a successful sale that occurs on your own terms.


Having an expert third-party intermediary can lead to a smoother transaction from start to finish. Our understanding of the industry and ability to present an unbiased market value analysis puts us in a unique position to advise on the deal structure, negotiate on your behalf, and navigate you through the selling process.

Determining the Value of Your Business

As a starting point, NEFCAP conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your business. The objectives of this phase are to determine the business’s marketability, provide strategic recommendations in advance of going to market, and set a realistic target selling price. In determining the value range, we take into account factors such as the current M&A climate, industry trends, regional demand, in addition to the operating and financial health of your business.

Laying the Groundwork to Maximize Value

Developing a well-structured go-to-market strategy can be one of the most important steps in selling a business. As part of our process, we invest the time to build a detailed understanding of the business and your goals before going to market. During this time, interviews are conducted with key stakeholders, and specific information on the business is requested. Once the vision is aligned, collateral is created to maximize key value drivers and tell a compelling story to prospective buyers.

Secure and Organized Data Room

To substantiate the go-to-market strategy, files representing the business are compiled into an organized and highly secure virtual data room. We advise on the most advantageous way to present your business and format the data as needed to improve the presentation and overall efficiency. The virtual data room structure enables quick and secure file sharing with potential buyers and keeps confidential information secure.

Tailored Bid Process to Meet Your Selling Objectives

Qualified buyers are identified based on the go-to-market strategy and your specific goals as a seller. During the bid process we focus on managing buyer communication, arranging site visits, and fielding requests for information so you can focus on conducting your day-to-day operations and keeping the business thriving.

Structured Guidance Through the Close

After an LOI (letter of intent) is signed with the prospective buyer, our team proactively manages closing due diligence through the execution of the APA (asset purchase agreement). From engaging in negotiations, to managing timelines and intricacies of an in-depth closing process, we strive to provide you with all the tools necessary to close on your terms.



Having a clear grasp on value can be a vital aid in the decision-making involved with putting a business on the market. What’s more, understanding the value of your most valuable asset can help determine a realistic timeline for your exit. The decision to step back from you business is never an easy one. Once you understand your value, however you can make informed decisions about your future and properly plan for an exit that occurs on your own terms.


A market value assessment of your business, based on research and industry knowledge can significantly shorten the sale process by ensuring that your business is priced to move in the current market. Our consultative market value assessments involve a comprehensive evaluation to determine the marketability of your business.

 Learn more about our process and how to determine the value of your business today.