Fierce Telecom | From CenturyLink to FirstLight: Charting the Top 13 Fiber Buyers in 2017

Whether it was CenturyLink buying Level 3, Crown Castle buying Lightower or regional operator Atlantic Broadband acquiring dark fiber assets from FiberLight, the year 2017 showed that fiber is valuable to a diverse set of service providers.

Customer Concentration

While recurring revenue and EBITDA constitute the staples of a business’s value, there are other variables that are considered in the valuation equation. One important variable that often gets overlooked by business owners preparing for a sale is customer concentration. Before going to market, sellers are wise to understand their business’s level of concentration, and proactively work to lower concentration if levels could potentially be viewed as risky in the eyes of a buyer.

Digital Communitites | Tennessee Valley Authority to Invest $300M Expanding Fiber Network

The Tennessee Valley Authority currently has about 3,500 miles of fiber optic lines along more than 16,000 miles of transmission lines.

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