Webcast: Business Owner Insight Part 3

Today’s active M&A market grants business owners the opportunity to sell their company when the time is right. But the post-sale life can leave a seller with some perplexing questions. With the right outlook and preparation, an owner can plan for the sale of their business and life “after”. Mitigating tax hits, growing assets, and establishing a sense of purpose are all feasible, attainable benchmarks for a business owner.

Webcast: Business Owner Insight Part 2

It’s a fascinating, dynamic time in the market to be seeking a capital raise. However, businesses with an EBITDA below $5 million may face challenges – they are often perceived as carrying more risk than a larger company, and their market isn’t as competitive. That doesn’t mean savvy smaller business owners can’t successfully navigate the capital raise process. With a knowledge of the available deals on the market and what investors and lenders are seeking, they can prepare for a capital raise and secure the funds their business needs.