Customer Concentration

While recurring revenue and EBITDA constitute the staples of a business’s value, there are other variables that are considered in the valuation equation. One important variable that often gets overlooked by business owners preparing for a sale is customer concentration. Before going to market, sellers are wise to understand their business’s level of concentration, and proactively work to lower concentration if levels could potentially be viewed as risky in the eyes of a buyer.

Webcast: Business Owner Insight Part 3

Today’s active M&A market grants business owners the opportunity to sell their company when the time is right. But the post-sale life can leave a seller with some perplexing questions. With the right outlook and preparation, an owner can plan for the sale of their business and life “after”. Mitigating tax hits, growing assets, and establishing a sense of purpose are all feasible, attainable benchmarks for a business owner.

Personal Wealth in a Business Sale: Is Your Exit Strategy Enough?

A successful exit event is the goal for many data center, cloud and MSP entrepreneurs, but the sales process leads to a number of important personal financial questions. That’s why Clark Griggs of Griggs Wealth Management has created a pre-sale checklist for owners that covers the keys to wealth planning.