Intelligent Acquisition Options for Strategic Growth

If your business is exploring the idea of expanding through acquisition, NEFCAP can help determine whether the benefits of adding a company to your business core outweigh the risks. If your company is already in acquiring mode, engaging NEFCAP’s services can be a proactive solution to further define and accelerate your growth plan.
Using proprietary data and our ever-expanding database, we identify and connect you with opportunities that fit your specific buying criteria and overall vision for growth.


NEF Capital Advisors’ buy-side representation is a flexible and expedient way to identify targets with maximum success potential. Managing a business transaction and coordinating all the various required parties can be time consuming, not to mention distracting. We focus on the massive effort of running the process so you can focus on other endeavors.
Establishing Your Ideal Target

As a starting point, NEFCAP conducts a comprehensive evaluation to better understand your ideal acquisition target.  When establishing your buying profile, we create two unique profiles: A target profile outlines demographics of potential sellers, and a buyer profile outlines your unique motivations as a buyer. 

Target Identification and Engagement

After establishing your buying criteria, we go to work using proprietary data and our ever-expanding database to identify a specific list of qualified targets.  We focus on initial contact and qualification of targets so you can focus on your day to day operations and keeping your business thriving during the acquiring process. 

Determining Value and Fit

During this stage, additional due diligence is conducted based on your specific buying criteria. The business is assessed with a focus on uncovering key issues, while determining a market value. NEFCAP manages requests for information (RFIs), documentation and organization of files in a secure data room, while negotiating as needed on your behalf.

Facilitating the Final Steps

After an LOI is submitted, we manage the timelines and intricacies of an in-depth closing process. In these final stages, we aid in negotiations to ensure your transaction is well-executed all the way through the close.


Build Your Business Acquisition Profile

Having a third-party advisor can help you and your business navigate through the myriad options in the market and streamline the buying process. Custom acquisition profiles enable you to uncover deals based on specific criteria such as service mix, geographic footprint and deal size.


We work with strategic and financial buyers to identify ideal targets in the following industries:

  •    Cloud
       Disaster Recover
       IT Services
  •    MSP
       Data Center
  •    Network
  •    Fiber

Put us to work today. Start by telling us about your business and your specific growth objectives.