Available Assets on the Market

NEF represents a variety of network assets for sale, lease or swap across the US, including dark fiber, inner-duct and conduit systems. We specialize in matching interested buyers with network owners.  Explore current listings using the navigation tools below, or download a complete list of available assets on the market.  Contact us today for more information or to learn about our brokerage services.

Ashburn to Atlanta Dark Fiber Route

This 980 mile dark fiber route between Ashburn, Virginia to Atlanta Georgia boasts an entirely diverse route from all other current routes connecting the two cities. The route originates in Ashburn in the heart of Loudoun County’s “Data Center Alley”, a global telecom hub and home to several of the best interconnection points in the world. The route traverses south west near Roanoke, Virginia, continuing through Asheville, North Carolina, and terminates in downtown Atlanta at a prominent carrier hotel.

Southeast Long Haul

This 332 mile route features five in-line amplifier sites and the option for regeneration colocation. The portion of the route along the Georgia Power transmission ROW is completely underground with access points approximately every 50-60 miles.